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Vivit is a suite of musical pieces that evoke the sounds and experiences of the Mediterranean. Dedicated to refugees struggling to survive in our sea

Portada Disc I sempre demà de Mar Serra Grup

I sempre demà

It includes 9 themes that combine the acoustic quartet with violin with the quintet and sextet, with the addition of the saxophone and guitar. Can be purchased at:

Opus I

It is a little trip through the history of music. Between jazz and contemporary music. Available at:

Portada Disc Opus I de Mar Serra Grup

You can also find us at

Other collaborations

Portada disc Cançons mecanoscrites de Martí Serra i els pintors d'ànimes
Martí Serra i els Pintors d’Ànimes

Cançons mecanoscrites, 2016. Piano and Rhodes accompaniment.